Facebook Group for LimeSDR users

Hi All,

We’ve created a new facebook group, just for general chat and ideas, mainly aimed at amateur radio use, we did a similar group for the SDRPlay and now have over 5000 members, so if you like facebook and have a LimeSDR, come and join us, we’re just getting started…

Paul - NN4F


@jocover made one before: https://www.facebook.com/groups/limesdr/?ref=br_rs
Shouln’t be better to have one :wink: in the beginning?

I searched, didn’t find anything…i created it a while back when the limes were shipped

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Some time ago I requested membership on both groups…
On Paul group membership granted within couple of min.
on other was pending for long time so request withdrawn…
So Paul’s group, thumb up…


Why splitting things up and diluting the conversations? I find this forum much more valuable and with 33 members on the facebook site no need to join,


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hi,I’m in china. my country blocked facebook,youtube,twitter,google etc.
who want to become an admin for LimeSDR group,please message me

Stefan, it’s not intended to dilute, it was more of an instant chat really, that’s all, I think everyone is on here to, but more for chat as to not clog up this board