EXTIO.DLL support


Is anyone working on an EXTIO.DLL for the Lime, so it can be used with HDSDR or other programs that support the extio format?

My Lime seems completely deaf

work fine

test version


Confirmed working on my modified LimeSDR V1.2 with @jocover ExtIO DLL for the LimeSDR…! I’ll be excited to see this coming along good for transmit soon, too…! See attched pic from the 40m band this morning:

73 de Marty, KN0CK


There’s an FPGA GPIO header on the board, so it should be possible to control an external TX/RX switch and other stuff, too. Though not sure whether this is exposed via Lime Suite APIs yet. Will ask the question!


HDSDR header file(updated November 23, 2016) added TX API,but HDSDR 2.76 not support tx feature,may soon support

// preliminary TX function - not really tested!: lack of test hw
// status:
// 0: Samples with numIQsamples > 0 (=512) and non-NULL pointer interleavedIQ
// 1: Reset (to suspend/stop TX thread of HDSDR) with numIQsamples == 0 and interleavedIQ == NULL
// 2: Pause/Stop (buffer underrun) with numIQsamples == 0 and interleavedIQ == NULL
// 3: Continue (after buffer underrun) with numIQsamples == 0 and interleavedIQ == NULL
typedef void    (__stdcall * pfnTxSamples)      (int status, int numIQsamples, const short * interleavedIQ);


Thanks a bunch, seems to work great, running 30mhz here, 0-30 on display…



A LOT of Hams and I will be THRILLED to see transmit with the LimeSDR…! PLEASE let us know when you get that far and I’ll be glad to Beta that for you…

73 de Marty, KN0CK


I’m testing TX module,can using microphone send fm,am,lsb,usb signals
but limesdr has a software bug



All good - and I can see that this is a ‘fresh bug’ on the RADAR. Please keep all of us advised when the LimeSDR is working with your app so we can try it, and thanks for passing along the GREAT news that it’ll support the microphone audio as well as the other modes - that’s VERY cool…!

73 de Marty, KN0CK


@jocover keep us updated if you update the extio dll file?

Paul - NN4F


I commit the source code to github


Thanks guys :slight_smile: done the RX L1 port mod & added the DLL to my HDSDR directory it works a treat, picking up 2kW AM TX on 1593kHz 5 miles away with UHF rubber ducky antenna


Sorry to necro an old thread; I can’t find one more recent. The ExtIO_LimeSDR.dll does not seem to work for me (v1.4). I have used HDSDR with HackRF so I’m fairly confident I have the software set up right.

I’m presuming it need to be recompiled for 1.4? Has someone done this already?