External LNA

Hi all,

I was curious about the safety of using an external LNA with the LimeSDR. I’ve heard stories of people “deafening” the SDR, and that’s the last thing I would want to do (though I might just be misinterpreting them).

With that being said, would this LNA be safe to use with the LimeSDR? Should I expect to see a performance increase? I’m mainly interested in satellite work.

Finally, if I were to use this external LNA, should I disable the internal LNA?

Thanks your help!!

Can not tell for this one, but I am using
LNA4ALL and LNA4HF both works nice with Lime.
For satellite you can use both internal and external…

Great, sounds like I won’t be causing any damage then.

Thank you!

I would rather say that it all depends on your neighbourhood, filtration and use case. For instance, if you’ll try to use it without any filtration right under strong FM station transmitter, it may kill your SDR. But as long as you are not exposing it to extremaly strong signals, you are good to go.

@ccsh Right, I believe there’s a pager tower somewhere around here which is my main concern as it’s the loudest thing I’ve found. I think I’ll test this out on a cheap RTL-SDR before using it with the Lime. Long term, I’ll definitely look into purchasing some filters for whatever I’m working with.