"[ERROR] Read(64 bytes) failed" and "cannot deliver frequency" after receiving for some time

The bad solder joint was not an issue I personally experienced. You can read more about it here: LimeSDR-USB gateware version is not recognizeable (temperature related)

Ok, … im not 100% convinced its heat / bad solder joint …

Whenever I get this error, I try to connect to the Lime through Lime Suite GUI. If I see that the FPGA version is 0, instead of uploading the FPGA again, I simply choose FX3 Reset which is really fast and seems to fix the issue.

@IgnasJ @joshblum Does that correspond to https://github.com/myriadrf/LimeSuite/blob/master/src/API/lms7_device.cpp#L1443 ? And is there a way to call it through Soapy?

Also do you know if there are more USB related issues on Windows vs Linux? I’m wondering if the errors I get are caused by some USB issues.

I think you cannot do this through Soapy. Also, if this fixes the issue, then re-plugging the board or pressing FX3 reset button on board should also work.

Where is the FX3 button located?

With the USB socket on the left of the board, you have the Cypress 1cm to the right, and just above it you’ll see the button with FX3RST written.

Ok, thanks karl

this time … i booted from a cold system …

did not plug/unplug this time … only let it sit to warm up some …

still took one unplug/plug … i should wait longer …


honestly this is the only reason i dont use the lime as my sdr … sometimes it refuses to work without a usb plug/unplug … and if remote … i cant do that