Error on channel 1 when in dual channel

I receive in dual channel at 55MS/s around 2450MHz, with each channel shift 23MHz on the left and right respectively.

Sometimes what I receive on channel 1 seems really weird.

For example I see the following, with some WiFi signal at 2462MHz on channel 1

and then the next samples I get

More often than not I get a nice flat line

This never happens on channel 0. Also I used to sample at 60MS/s but it seemed that I had that issue more often.

Any idea what might be the cause?

@andrewback @zack Have you ever noticed something like this? I tried on a different Lime and I also get this.

Sometimes I get lots of those, sometimes none or just a few. I thought by going down from 60MS/s (in sc12) to 55MS/s I fixed the issue, but it’s still there, always on channel 1.

Hi @KarlL,

Do you get the same issue with LimeSuiteGUI?

To be honest I’ve never really used LimeSuiteGUI, the UI is quite daunting.
Can you explain how to configure it? Or maybe it’s possible to send an ini file?

Actually I tried with Pothos and here is what I was able to get. I tried several times before I was able to get it.

Channel 0 looks quite good. Channel 1 correctly sees some WiFi and then the whole signal becomes flat sometimes.

I’ve had that on 2 different Limes.

@Zack Can the image I posted earlier help figuring out what’s happening? Or must I use LimeSuiteGUI?
If I need LimeSuiteGUI, please tell me how to set it up similarly to what I did (I was receiving at 55MS/s, 2427MHz and 2473MHz for chan 0 and 1).

Hasn’t anyone noticed that kind of issues? I’ve seen it on several boards, both with my own C++ code and Pothos Flow, with different versions of the gateware.

@andrewback @Zack Any idea what could be wrong or how to fix it ?