Error compiling LimeSDR mini gateware


In order to modify the gateware in my LimeSDR mini board, my first attemp was to compile the project from, without changing anything and to program to the FPGA using Lime Suite GUI.

(I’m using Quartus Prime Lite Edition Version 15.1.0 and I also tried with 15.1.2)

But I ran into this error

I tried to open the file where the lms_ctr entity is

I checked the whole folder and the file lms_ctr.v is missing, but there is a lms_ctr.vhd.

So, my question is :

  1. Can I replace lms_ctr.v by lms_ctr.vhd ?
  2. Is it normal that I had this error or did I do something wrong ?

Thank you.

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One for @Zack.