Encoding multiple AM carrier simultaneously

Dear All,

Is it possible to encode multiple AM transmissions/stations (8+) in the “AM” range from 500k to 1.5k simultaneously using LimeSDR ?
Is it possible to use the availble stacks / tools to do that in realtime from audio streams ?
Another option would be to prepare special “baseband” file with already encoded AM channels with 10Msps and stream that to LimeSDR in realtime.

Any suggestions if this is feasible - and which way to go ?



I think it should be no problem to do that using gnuradio as long as there are enough CPU and USB bandwidth resources.

Maybe in GRC you can multiplex the inputs then try the OFDM block with AM modulation. Or use the unrolled way: set 8+ UDP sources attached to AM modulators, then multiply each modulator to a IF co/sine source (choosing orthogonal IFs), then integrate all using a 8x1 multiplier. Finally filter thoroughly and serve to limesdr sink. Feed with 8+ streams to UDP.