Embedded boards with mini-PCIe slot for XTRX


So, with the emergence of the LimeSDR XTRX mini-PCI-express board I take it there will be interest in using the device along with some nice portable embedded boards. The boards must offer an appropriate mini-PCIe slot, which can accept the XTRX SDR. I’ve bought the old Fairwaves XTRX board, but never really used it (it’s still resting in the original case).

I’m likely gonna back the LimeSDR XTRX on Kickstarter when the project finally wakes up, but I’d like to start a thread to exchange information on hardware that is compatible with the said SDR. Most embedded boards today have dropped the mini-PCIe slot in favor of the M2 slots, and those that do have the old connector will often use it for mini-SATA rather than mini-PCIe (since both of these use the same form factor, but I’m not sure, if they’re compatible).

Anyway, please share your thoughts and links here.

Boards with mini-PCIe slots:
Marvell ESPRESSObin: https://espressobin.net/
PC Engines APU2: PC Engines apu2 system boards


The ten64 project looks interesting. Any comments on it’s suitability for hosting two LineSDR XTRX boards?