E4000 vs Lime Mini. Comparison of ATSC signal 55 miles away

made a video comparing the limesdr mini and an rtlsdr E4000
i believe the lime mini is more sensitive.
you guys let me know what you think
i needed a pretty tight signal (narrow) and stable so i was taking measurements of a ATSC Pilot signal about 55 miles away.
you can notice doppler frequency shift
i dont know to much about this process yet but it is very interesting and nice to know the lime mini does it better then a regular rtlsdr device.
thank goodness as it costs more :slight_smile:

Sounds a little… cryptic?

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didnt want to put up false information so i had to delete and remake

Ah, OK, thanks :slight_smile:

i also added another video (be sure to watch towards the end as i adjust a couple settings
mainly i matched both dongles bandwidth to 1khz
when i started video i thought both were set to 1khz viewable spectrum but the lime mini was 2khz

yea i been doing multiple tests
i have 4 dongles

  1. lime-mini
  2. E4000 rtlsdr
  3. R820T2 rtlsr’s

all the rtlsdr’s when zoomed way in with 1hz Resolution Bandwidh in GQRX FFT settings
only the lime-mini has the wiggle
can someone tell me how to fix the wiggle?