Dynamicaly changing settings in limesdr blocks (source and sink)

I have developed a Gmsk módem in gnu radio with the limesdr mini. It works fine connected to my PC. I can update some limesdr block parameters while running with the GUi widgets.
In the final application the limesdr mini will be connected to a raspberry pi, that will send and receive the data bytes from and to the modem, and also will have to control, while RUNNING, limesdr Tx and Rx parameters such as the transmission frequency, Tx gain, (12.5khz channels around 169MHz). My question is , how can i access and modify those parameters WHILE RUNNING from the raspberry pi?



You will have to write code. Python or C++, preferably C++, if you want some real control. Head over to the gnuradio mailing list and start reading the archive, you will find lots of useful information.

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