DVB-T using limesdr in GNU-Radio with QPSK,16QAM and 64QAM

Hello all,
I have come with some output today, i was able to successfully transmit a video using DVB-T using Limesdr-USB and receive it properly using (QPSK,16QAM and 64QAM modulation),when i kept my transmitter and receiver block disabled(wired connection)also i was successful,but after that when i enabled again i was only able to get my constellation at my TX side but not at the RX side,what might be the problem actually.
Thanks in advance.
Soma Sundaram Ravindran

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Did you use the fllowgraphs from this github link : https://github.com/BogdanDIA/gr-dvbt ?
If yes, can you tell me whether you are able to receive any signal from the receiver dvbt_rx.grc?
Will this setup work in RTL-SDR or HackRF ? If you don’t mind, can you share your .grc file?

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can you share with me the solution please , because the rx dosent work with me

do you have the solution please !