DVB-T using LIME-SDR and lime-mini

Hello i have tried doing DVB-T using lime sdr in gnu radio ,meanwhile when using lime sdr as a transceiver am not able to get the same plot at the receiver side as same as i get at transmitter side(according to the modulation like( QPSK ,16QAM)which i have used.When using two different lime one as a transmitter(lime sdr) and other as a receiver(lime mini)also the same problem persists and not able to transmit the video.To add i have also used Amiko-4k receiver to receive the video only by transmitting,since transmission had no problems i am not able to lock the channel at the frequency which i have given.
Can any one please help me out.I got stucked here,and a suggestion or a help from you will be highly appreciated.

So the transmission from gnuradio and receiving with amiko works ok? Or doesn’t work either? There is a TX example on the gr-limesdr plugin wiki (http://wiki.myriadrf.org/Gr-limesdr_Plugin_for_GNURadio), are you using this for transmission?
If not, can you please provide the TX/RX gnuradio files?

If you’re not getting a correct looking constellation plot on the TX side, you might need to double check all the settings, as something really simple like wrong frequency, wrong sampling rate or incorrect coding settings could break everything.

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Thank you i have actually tried with the example which you have sent,but failed to lock that frequency and receive the video using Amiko 4k receiver.I am giving exact values for Reed solomon encoder transmission modes accordingly(either 2k or 8k)have tried with all set of possible frequencies and code rates and guard interval accordingly but the receiver side constellation is not same as what i get in my transmitter side.

Yeah i can attach my tx and rx files which i used to you…

I am trying to do DVB-T and i was able to do that successfully using the blocks connected back to back at Gnu radio.Now when i do my transmitter part alone and try to check whether the video is on air or not by using airspy am getting my peak at the frequency at a point which is persisting only for some seconds what might be the problem to happen so??Does it mean my video is not properly transmitting,Help needed.
Thanks in advance,
Regards Soma Sundaram Ravindran

Hello,i would like to know whether can i use the .ini file which i have saved from the limesuite after finishing my loop back test in my load settings(at both the transmitter(TX )and the receiver (RX)blocks gnu radio) to get both my constellation and my video properly??Does it helps??/
Soma Sundaram Ravindran