Downconverter (and possibly upconverter) for 5.8 GHz band

Im still not sure if LimeSDR-usb will be all that usefull on 5ghz/10ghz … it can be used and will need a good LNB in front of it …

I missed that MadMax thinks that the LimeSDR is operating on a 1/3 sample and not a 3rd harmonic of the Lo from this thread… these are not the same thing.

There may be more loss in the Mixers @5ghz and 10ghz … and even the LNA’s … with out knowing their properties its all being subjective comments …

dg9bfc,If you have good known power level signals for 5ghz and 10ghz … even 3ghz … could you report on signal differences between viewing source signal @ 1/2Lo and 1/3Lo of the target signal?

This should put to rest if this is a function of the Mixer or Lo 3rd harmonic. –

any one that disagrees – please reference your source of the power level of a square wave of its harmonics – even and odd … and the levels expected from a normal non-linear mixer. Isn’t there supposed to be a large difference between 2nd harmonic of non-linear mixing compared to harmonics from a square wave 2nd harmonic?

I have already done this kind of test at VHF and posted the video … 2nd harmonic of Lo had no view of target signal but 3rd had 10db lower signal (than fundamental) – as expected from a square wave Lo, but i have no calibrated signal sources (or any signal source above 2meters besides a gunnplexer AND HB-100) and having a signal in the 5Ghz area – the test can be reproduced with the 5ghz target freq.