Double SISO with different frequency


I am wondering if it is possible to set the LimeSDR to be transmitting (Receiving) simultaneously at different frequencies using 2 paths (BAND1 and BAND2) (LNAL/LNAW)?


They’re doing such a thing with the Vector Network Analyzer application that’s being developed and polished from this forum. It requires that a transmit and receive path are functioning simultaneously (or close to it)…If you review the code on that effort you’ll be able to mine quite a bit from it.

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I am sorry, but it seems that my post was a bit confusing. I was asking about the possibility to set the LimeSDR to transmit at different frequecies using both BAND1 and BAND2

The two TX channels share an LO, as do the two RX channels. So the LO can only occupy a single frequency at a time. But if you can shift your baseband around within the sample rate, you can have two different “air” frequencies, but they can, at most, be separated by whatever your sample-rate is.

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Thanks for your clarification…This was my first impression after looking quickly at the datasheet’s first page…But I was hoping that I was wrong