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Marty, Thanks for that link. It looks promsing and I will got through it when I have some time today.

Hi Zack, the screen shot is here as requested.

@martywittrock Hi Marty, Thanks for posting that “how to get started” link. I have been busy but got back to this project today.
I made it through the first few steps until this instruction:
“Observe the line and note the GW: 1.24 which indicates that your FPGA Gateware version is 1.24. This is the version they are putting into production units of the LimeSDR Mini. Now, let us reset our device with default options by clicking the Default button at the top. This tunes the LimeSDR Mini to 1200MHz which happens to be the default frequency. You can change the receiver frequency by selecting the SXR tab and entering the desired frequency. After you do so, press the calculate button for it to get into effect.”

My newer board has gateware GW 1.26. When I click the DEFAULT button I get a message that says “LOAD DEFAULT FAILED”. I also tried RESET which gets "RESET FAILED. Anyone have any suggestions how to remedy this? I am using a USB 2 cable on my USB3 port so not getting the full speed but they are using USB2 in the example.

Hi @Deane,

You have to connect to the board first of all. Use menu item Options -> Connection Settings and choose your board. Then you will be able to control it.

@Zack, I did that step. Connection was made but still get that message.