Different results with GNURadio and qspectrumanalyzer (limesdr mini)


I am a new limesdr mini user, and I am trying it out by observing some LoRa signals. When using Gnuradio, I can see the packets in the Qt waterfall diagram (I have my device transmitting at 5 sec intervals and the blips show up every 5 seconds).

However, when using qspectrumanalyzer, I can’t see the signal appear at all. I’m not really sure why this is, could someone please help me understand why?

I can’t use GQRX because it doesn’t seem to work so far.

I’m using Ubuntu 18.04, with the various tools installed to their latest versions today.


what is your “settings” in qsa

Hi en1gma,

Please see attached. I have also added a screenshot of the full spectrum; the DC removal option appears to either do nothing, or is very poor (maybe my calibration is bad?). The DC removal block in gnuradio however works quite well though.