Debugging LimeSDR-USB type A with Segger J-Link


I’m writing to ask if anyone has been able to use a J-Link to bring back a LimeSDR after thinking board was bricked?

I have both a LimeSDR-USB Type A 1.4s and a LimeSDR-mini.They both had their USB-A 3.0 connections lose some of their solder joint connections to the board after I connected them to various computers a few times (a frustratingly ‘few’ times).

During my 2 or 3 times of trying to re-solder the USB-A connectors to the boards, the boards stopped acting right.

I do have another LimeSDR-USB Type 1.4s that I spent more than a little time fastening to an acrylic sheet, etc, for strain relief. I bought the third one mostly b/c CrowdSupply had my info already and I’m lazy. But the third board is correct as far as I know.

My question is (beside why did you guys do away with the other type USB connector) - What can you guys tell me about trying to bring LimeSDR-USB board back to life using a J-Link (edu model since i’m not developing for $.)

i hope to figure out LimeSDR-mini after this, but haven’t even made up connection yet, so forget bout that one.

The LimeSDR-USB has the four LED’s stay on static from when it gets power - When facing USB connection - two LED’s farther left are red and two LED’s to right are green.

Windows 10 used to say ‘prob with board’ when connected, Or something like that, it doesn’t say that any longer. I have Ubuntu 18.04, Mac OS Sierra and Win 10, each on diff machine.

For whatever reason I seem to have the beast luck with Win 10.

I’ve got a J-Link EDU, a little JTAG 5x5 to 10x10 connector board, the 10x10 (the 10x10 socket x socket, that comes with J-Link) and a 5x5 socket x socket I ordered. I got these from Lady Ada’s Adafruit Co. on Varick St. . But you have to order it from Adafruit, you can’t just go by, they get mad.The J-Link EDU you can get as long as your not using it to make money with your developments, thats real important to them. And there is something bout exporting things, that can’t be that important if your not gonna hurt anyone.

I’m guessing when I connect 5x5 socket to FX3 JTAG 5x5 pinout on board, white bit silk screened to the right of 1 pin is where notch on connector goes (referring to FX3 JTAG pinout)?

I have Cypress EX USB suite (open source) software and Segger J-Link Ozone software, and J-Link Commander software.

Ques 1- Segger software asks what ‘Device’?

Ques 2 - I’m guessing that this adapter/ connector little board I’m using is not sending the correct pins from 5x5 to the correct 10x10 pins.

Ques 3 - 5x5 connection by default SWD?

Beside the ‘Device’ ? is there any other suggestions for trying to bring the Lime-USB-A back to life?.

I would like to thank Ed and Marty and all at Lime (amongst all that are nameless) for making it so I haven’t had to post questions like this. I don’t know where you find the time.

Some things that might be relevant - I really don’t know much about RF, linear algebra is hard (i’m thinking I did ok at it. Which means I passed - maybe, who remembers). And I’ve rec ently returned from the pub, although we don’t call it that.