Dead limesdr-mini?

my limesdr-mini seems to be transmitting without me transmitting anything.

i.e as soon as i plug it into the ubs it starts transmitting signals with loads of noise across the spectrum.

is my lime device dead?

ive reinstalled the firmware and can successfully run tests and can calibrate it rx/tx fine with no problems.


so far ive only been testing it with grc and dont know any way i could have damaged it.

to add,

i did some more tests and read up on some things.

i am new to the world of radio so forgive me if im being silly and this post is obvious for some.

i realised that im having similar issues to this post Lime mini: RX issue with 100MHz and harmonics

bassically i get a signal produced at ±100 mhz up and down the spectrum and in some cases near 700 mhz and 800mhz its allot stronger and is very noisey.

this is all tested without running any grc scripts or transmitiing anything. these are purely done with the limesdr-mini plugged into usb.

some things ive tested.
i have fully shielded the device with no real change.
i have reinstalled firmware.
i have run on usb 2.0.
i have run and tested with different usb cables.
i have run through all tests using the limesuite and suchlike with no problems.

i noticed at 700mhz and some other frequencies i am able to tap the fpga pin area with my finger and the device transmits large pulses and create noise over the spectrum. even if i put my finger near by the pins.
"the fpga pins at the top next to the jtag pins "

"this cannot be normal