DC tracking loop

We are performing the following in our custom board having a LMS7002M:

  1. Rx path configuration: SXR and CGEN are configured.
  2. IQ and DC offset calibration is performed.
  3. Then IQ imbalance and DC corrector are disabled.
  4. RxTSG is set and FPGA is configured (IODELAYs)
  5. IQ corrector and DC corrector are enabled.
    At this point enabling or disabling the DC coPreformatted textrrector (bits 2 and 8 of 0x040C) has no effect. We know that we are addressing the right channel because enabling the complex mixer results in a difference in the output spectrum.
  6. Also, there is some sort of activity happening because the dc offset keeps continuously changing. (this doesn’t happen before the calibration is done)
    Please advise on we are unable to see any impact of the DC corrector in our approach.

PS:I uploaded the same .ini on the LimeMini and I am seeing the IQ signals jumping up and down .

After Calibration we are generating a test signal for synchronization of data with the FPGA .
Seems it enables the TXTSP and then we are seeing this .
The problem seems to disappear when I disable TXTSP . I mean the DC offset is not zero but we are the I and Q signals don’t jump anymore .

Kishore S.