DAB/DAB+ Broadcasting Using LimeSDR and ODR Tools(ODR-mmbTools)

Hi Everyone,

I would like to present my work on LimeSDR and ODR-mmbTools to broadcast DAB/DAB+(Digital Radio Broadcasting).

It is in the form of articles submited at MEDIUM.COM. They describes the whole process that i used to get the LimeSDR working with ODR-mmbTools and broadcast 3 stations on Channel 5C of the DAB Band III Frequency.

Anyone who wish to read it, please do so using the following link:

Thank you all!


Thanks for the writeup! I sent out a short tweet about it https://twitter.com/opendigiradio/status/1125709894412324868

(ODR-mmbTools Maintainer)

Much appreciated @mpb

By the way i didn’t know the lime branch existed and was made for LimeSDR LMS drivers support. Now i know, i will add it into the articles since its just a matter of compiling the lime branch and then specifying the output to be limeoutput in the ODR-DabMod configuration file.

Thank you.

Yes, Evariste F5OEO is working on that, but it’s not completed yet, which is why it’s still in a separate branch. But please try it out and let us know!

I saw that too on the example.ini configuration file that it doesn’t support SFN nor predistortion.
But still i will try it out and update in case of any progress.

Thank you.

Hi, @sglee, @mpb - great work on this!

I mentioned it in the latest Over The Air newsletter, but I was wondering if you’d both be interested in answering a few questions for a focus piece detailing the use of ODR-mmbTools and the LimeSDR for the Lime Micro Community Hub?

You can see other focus pieces I’ve written here:

Let me know!

Sure, it’d be a pleasure! We can also mention DAB reception, there’s a tool for that too.

Absolutely i am interested!
Please count me in.