Custom LMS7002M board debugging

Hi @Zack,

Apologies for the delay in getting back - the MCU calibration mechanism seems to operate successfully. I may port the MCU calibration code over to my driver layer at some point to increase visibility - I hadn’t realised this was available in the LimeSuite source tree when we talked the other day.

During impementation of the spi upload I did come a minor issue with the instructions at

For your reference, 2.2.1. Step 3 “Wait until MCU programming buffer is empty” incorrectly states that register 0x0003 bit 0 reports 0 when buffer is empty. This is incorrect, as a ‘1’ in this bit position signals the FIFO is empty. I’d also say that the sense of this bit (and some others) are not clear in the SPI register map document I have been using.

Anyway, that’s positive progress as I can now concentrate on getting my LimeLight layer up & running!

Thanks again,