Cross compile LimeSuite on Ubuntu to PetaLinux

Hello, I have the module LimeSDR-Mini and the embedded computer Zybo Z7-10. I am working on Ubuntu 18.04, and I’m trying to cross compile the LimeSuite API in order to work with the LimeSDR-Mini on PetaLinux. The Zybo boots from PetaLinux 2020.2 which is installed in a SD Card. I hope someone knows a way to do it. Thank you.

Hello @rodrirq,

It is not clear the exact problem you faced with.

As I know, LimeSuite uses cross-compile in its CI, so probably you may find some useful information in the related files:

Hope it helps.

Hello @Gluttton,

My problem is that I am following the steps from this guide:, 3.2 Building LimeSuite.
And I need to do the cmake command in order to work on an ARM, so i need the code in order to be able to work on the PetaLinux that I have installed on my Zybo Z7-10.

I have read the documents you sent me, but I am having a hard time with them, I must be missing something.

The links show how cmake is being used with options to specify a toolchain to use for cross compilation, in building Lime Suite inside ARM arch containers. I’m afraid that you may need to study the cmake documentation.