Could you explain the timing diagramm for me?

I have looked through the LMS7002M datasheet , found there was a place that I could not understand, I paste the scrermshot here.

On the above timing diagramm, I understand the I-channel data and Q channel data are muxplexed.but i don’t understand the meaning of A and B here Could you pls help me to explain it? thanks very much!

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LMS7002 is capable of MIMO, so there are two channels A and B.

Hello Ricardas,
Thanks for your quick response. According to your explanation, I am very confused. pls refer to the screemshot I posted. in the screemshot, MCLK_n, ENABLE_IQ_SEL_n and DIQ[11:0]_n, the n stands for 1 or 2, Here n should be channel number, if so, what is A and B stand for? if n , A and B all stand for n, I could not understand the meaning of the diagramm. Could you pls help me to clarify it?

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There are 2 ports to the chip (the ‘n’), one is used for the RX data and other for TX.
Basically just ignore the ‘n’ and interpret ‘A’ and ‘B’ as channel numbers.

Here is example:
If ‘ENABLE_IQ_SEL’ is low -> you will receive 2 samples(I and Q) from channel A
If ‘ENABLE_IQ_SEL’ is high -> you will receive 2 samples(I and Q) from channel B