Controlling LMS7002m Chip (clocks and frequency ) via SPI

Hello guys,

It is my pleasure to find this discussion beneficial in my project.

I am developing a project that uses LMS7002m chip and it is configured via SPI. And now, I need to configure FClk, MClk, Frequency and all other parameters that are intended to be changed frequently.

Hopefully you guys help me find a away ASAP since it is urgent to be implemented

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Hello folks
Any ideas?

Hi @qms1406,

I would suggest to use LimeSuiteGUI and one of LimeSDR boards (I expect you have one) to create initial register file with your specific configuration and the to upload it to your custom board.

Hi Zack

I appreciate your response.
I have designed a SDR that has LMS7002 chip and SoC and it runs embedded linux. We want to control the configuration via a web page. I have the LMS7002m development board and temporarily I have created multiple configuration files with different parameters value (about 6 conf files) in order the user can pick which frequency to set, but this is not functional way. For security, the LMS must be configured via SPI through secured web page. However the issue now is to let the user configure the device as they intended. Like they enter the frequency, gain and other parameters through the web page.

This is the real issue I am having.

Thank you

Hi @qms1406,

So, I would suggest to study datasheet and Programming and Calibration guide first. Available here, last two items:

Then I would suggest to build your application on top of LimeSuite API and LimeSuiteGUI, available here: