Connect limesdr to pothos flow

i have cs-lime-01, i have installed driver and i can connect with lime suite gui. But i could not to the pothos flow added ss to the attachment. How can i connect limesdr to the pothos flow

That device has historically, on this forum at least, been called the LimeSDR-USB.
The limesuite gui communicates with the device using the LMS7 API.
Pothos flow communicates through a SoapySDR binding. There is a SoapyLMS7 wrapper that provides the SoapySDR bindings for LimeSuite devices using the LMS7 API.

Looking at the error message in red text above, it looks like soapy scanned for and found the first SDR hardware in your computer for which it has a module installed, which I am guessing is probably missing some wrapper for access to the SDRplay API (I do not know for sure because I do not own that hardware, but that would be my guess).

You can use something like the following commands from a shell:
SoapySDRUtil --info
(You want to see “LMS7Support” mentioned in the modules and “lime” as a factory)
SoapySDRUtil --check=“lime”
(You want to see the “lime” driver as “PRESENT”)
SoapySDRUtil --find=“driver=lime”
(This is checking that the hardware is plugged in and accessible)
SoapySDRUtil --probe=“driver=lime”
(If everything else above was successful this should print out all the information about the connected hardware, including the serial number)
SoapySDRUtil --make=“driver=lime”
(This just opens and closes the device, which will only work if everything else was successful).

SoapySDRUtil --info (Print out information about supported modules)
SoapySDRUtil --check (Check if driver is present)
SoapySDRUtil --find (Discover available devices on computer)
SoapySDRUtil --probe (Print detailed information)
SoapySDRUtil --make (Create a device instance, Open and close the device, if possible. If a driver is not specified the first discovered device will attempt to be opened).

You should also be able to explicitly force the device selection, instead of using the default of the first detected device, inside Pothos flow by using a “device argument” in your source/sink block of:
{“driver” : “lime”, “index” : “0”}
or even something, more long winded, similar to:
{“driver” : “lime”, “index” : “0”, “label” : “LimeSDR-USB [USB 3.0] 0123456789ABCDEF”, “media” : “USB 3.0”, “module” : “FX3”, “name” : “LimeSDR-USB”, “serial” : “0123456789ABCDEF”}

In other software that uses soapy via gr-osmosdr to access the lime you may need to use an argument of “soapy=0,driver=lime”. But if possible you are always better off using gr-limesdr instead of gr-osmosdr, but maybe that is not possible (with some old software that has not seen any new commits to their github repository in several years).