Complex WaveForm Sending failed

Hello ,

i have an Lime-SDR -Mini (DLR-Version) I have integrate the LimeSources into my own VisualStudio Win64 Project and all works so nice, i can build repeater by capturing Brot cast stations to short wave.

But now the time is ready for transmit my own waveforms from Microphone and here i stucked.
i cant understod the signal format transfer, and i cant find an example what let show how an transverter from Wave AM i can transform to an “Complex” Data stream like that

Example from lime source API Pack cant rescale the functions iqdata or coplex stuff
octave_value iqdatum = 2047*iqdata(i);
Complex iqdatum2 = iqdatum.complex_value();
float i_sample = iqdatum2.real(); //
float q_sample = iqdatum2.imag(); //
wfmBuffers[ch][i].i = i_sample;
wfmBuffers[ch][i].q = q_sample;

Bext try i send an 1Khz Waveform on 60Mhz
//Initialize data buffers
const double frequency =FRQTX;
const double sample_rate = sampleRate; //sample rate to 5 MHz
const double tone_freq = 1000; //tone frequency
const double f_ratio = tone_freq / sample_rate;

				double w = 2 * M_PI*i*f_ratio;
				sampleBuffer[i].i = cos(w);
				sampleBuffer[i].q = sin(w);

But dosent Work generate an spreading width band signal wit 1 Mhz spreadings

Can anyone show me how i can transform audio signal to complex stream ?

PlayWFM is not alowed or implemented in LimeSuite for an LimeSDR-Mini i have see…

Thank you for any help in this case
best regards from berlin