Checksums on firmwares

Would be nice to have checksums on the firmware files, etc. Nothing exotic or complicated. Probably sha256 would suffice just to make sure things get downloaded in one piece. I would guess the LimeSDR or LimeSuite has a check too but this makes it quite clear which firmware file is mentioned in links, discussions, etc.


The checksum could even be a part of the filename. I think that is a good way to go with firmware/gateware. That way if someone downloads from some “other” site they can know if it’s legit.

Thanks @hTo137, noted.

It’s also nice to have sha256sum etc. formatted files so the user can simply bulk check the downloads using

sha256sum -c FILES.sha256

git sha1 could also be a part of the filename. Then the users can tell which version it’s built from.

Always good to have more information about the files. I think relelases from github have the sha1 in the filename. Or can be configured to have them.