Characterizing Filters with Qspectrum and Limesdr-mini

qspectrum settings = driver=lime,soapy=0
bandwidth = 60mhz
samples = 40msps

this is an FM-Trap = DUT
Red = FM-Trap (OUT)
Yellow = FM-Trap (IN)

hopefully someone can port this program as it works great with this kind of stuff as it is better then Qspectrum
its called spektrum

same exact test but instead of qspectrum i am using pyLMS7002Soapy
here is the results
to do the test i first answered Yes with FM-Trap set to Out which passes all signals through
then on the second Yes i switched FM-Trap to In which stops FM signals going through
you can see a nice dip at 88mhz to 108mhz

this pic shows it a little better. only thing i changed was the end frequency to 1gHZ
FM-Trap end frequency 1ghz