Channel Alignment Failure

Hello @IgnasJ – I’m seeing “Channel alignment failed” at least 1 out every 10 times I run a program, from a cold start, that streams 2 RX channels-but with no apparent pattern. I’m using the master branch release 18.04.1 and powering the device via USB 3 from a laptop. Once this warning occurs, it occurs on all successive runs until the LimeSDR is restarted.

I see that this comes from the Streamer::AlignRxTSP function. What is the root cause of the problem / why does it appear randomly?


“Channel alignment failed” warning means that channel phases/time offset may not be correctly aligned. Channel alignment is not guaranteed to work every time so the message may appear sometimes. However the warning should not come from Streamer::AlignRxTSP(). If it does, then something is really wrong as it means that software is unable to receive samples from the board. Do you still get sample stream after getting the warning?

Thanks – The sample stream appears to work fine when I receive this message. I noticed that the message may also be emitted by Streamer::AlignRxRF; do you conclude that this function is emitting the message since streaming works?

Why is channel alignment not guaranteed to work every time?