Changing Rx inputs from Rx_L to Rx_W

Hi guys,

I’ve got the LimeSDR with the aluminum case, it all came preassembled from Myriad which was cool. However, I’ve opened it up and had a look at which inputs the antennas are connected to and it looks like they’re connected to Rx1_L and Rx2_L. I’d like to observe the hydrogen line, so I’d like to change either u.fl connectors to the Rx_W input.

I’m just hesitant as I gave one a bit of a pull and it didn’t come off easily. Is there a trick to taking the wires off the u.fl connectors? Should I be using some pliers? I figured it would be better to ask than to potentially damage the board. Here’s a quick picture to show what I’m talking about.

Here using kind of self made U fork lever to remove them
Please take care that number of U.FL cycles is limited to around 30

Could you post a picture of what you mean?
In terms of cycles, I’m only planning on removing it and attaching it to the wide band input. What damage would I cause if I somehow messed it up while removing it? I can always try get a new connector from the guys in the radar labs, but that would mean calling in a favor.

This is original Hirose tool, I have homemade version :wink:

Ah awesome, I’ll try find something similar. Thanks :ok_hand: