Case for the LMS8001

I recently got a 3D printer and decided a case for the LMS8001 would be a good idea.

I think it came out great and I’ve put it up on thingiverse at

Let me know if you print one or have any suggestions for a V2.


Looks great! Do you plan to create some more and sell them e.g. on eBay? :stuck_out_tongue: Coz I would buy two, for sure :wink:

I wasn’t planning on it, but the good news is I don’t have to.

A quick check on “print a thing” (on demand 3D printing service) had a quote for ~$30 delivered

The STL file can be downloaded from thingiverse and you can find a local 3D printing service or hacker space and have it printed for you.

Just search “on demand 3D printing” and I’m sure something local will pop up

Great, thanks!