Can this board support System Generator tool?

We are planning to buy new FPRF(LMS7002M) boads and I am working on real time hardware implementation of spectrum sensing algorithms. Basically I have been using System Generator Tool for designing algorithms, will it possible to use this board(LMS7002M) for realtime implementation.

Hello @sunny

Do you have any requirements for your realtime hardware implementation,
especially for the RF IC? LMS7002M board (UNITE7002) has simple RF in/out and
digital out/in ports. Obviously, you will have some latency associated with
digital path, how many internal DSP functions you are going to use, and some
delay in the RF path. But this is negligible comparing to how much DSP power
you need cope with realtime algorithms.

If you were to scan frequencies from 100 kHz to 3.8GHz, the
locking time of the synthesizers has to be considered, which is about 60us.