Calibration is awful for 30-50MHz range


I have recently updated the LimeSuite version since I noticed I was still using the same version since October of last year. The problem is that I had an operational app that worked on the range of 30-50MHz and everything was fine with it. After the update, it is almost impossible to perform the calibration for this range, since it always reports MCU errors for both TX and RX, forcing me to set gains so high that the app now is not working properly. I will test it with some exterior attenuators but still, that solution is not optimal. I also receive the message “popping from TX, samples popped something/something”… what does it mean?

Can someone explain to me what could have happened for such deterioration of the HF perfomance? Why is it being so ignored?

Hi @OCB,

Could you share your register setup (ini) file, please.