Buy a clocktamer with GPS


Does anyone known if there are still some clocktamer with GPS reseller?
Or does anyone plan to make a (very)-low production?

Or you could use something else, I’ve heard nothing but praise for this:

Looks nice but i need a clock precision of at least 50 ppb and I can’t find anything related to the clock precision in the spec of this device.
BTW, the output voltage range doesn’t fit for my purpose (2 Vp-p max. (USRP1 clock input of the AD9513)).


ClockTamer 1.x is discontinued, but we have 2 products which will be released soon.

The first one, a mezzanine board for UmTRX transceiver, will allow applications like LTE to be launched on UmTRX. More details are available here:

The second one will be independent board UmCLK (aka ClockTamer 2.0) - a configurable GPS-disciplined clock generator specially designed to work with SDR and MIMO.

For both products MOQ will be 50 boards.

Dmitry Klyuykov
Fairwaves, Inc