Building modified FPGA Gateware failed

Dear All,
I tried to build the LIMESDR USB Gateware with the free edition of Quartus 17.1 but failed.
The compilation is OK but it generates a file called LimeSDR-USB_lms7_trx_time_limited.sof.
And this file can not be used to generate a .rbf file using the rbf_file_setup.cof file.

Do I need a license to generate a .rbf file?

I’m going to assume that it expects Quartus 15.1 (Update 2), same as the PCIe_GW, but honestly I have no idea. But that would be my guess. And I can’t find a similar document for the USB gateware, to the one that is in the PCIe gateware.

I’ve been building plain sof files for my Lime using Quartus Lite edition 17.1. This is my own RTL and not the GW repository.

It might be some IP used by the design which is causing it.