Building a full SDR stack from source for LimeSDR


I wrote a short guide for building a complete SDR software stack from source, that is:

  • LimeSuite
  • SoapySDR
  • Volk
  • Pothos
  • GNU Radio
  • rtl-sdr
  • OsmoSDR
  • gqrx

This will help you compile the latest source from git to work with the newest software versions.

This guide assumes you’re running Ubuntu, but other distros (Arch Linux, Fedora, …) will work with minor modifications.

Building a full SDR stack from source for LimeSDR


Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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This is probably the most underrated post on the entire forum…we followed your tutorial religiously.


with a couple mods, it gave us what we needed: A dependency complete clean install of all the things in Ubuntu. I wish i could have found this earlier. i wish somebody told me about this before i wasted MONTHS!!!

This info is severely under-advertised on this forum…lets get it up on the big screen!!!

NOOBS: start here!

stay tuned-we are about to drop version 2.0 on this tutorial and include qradiolink!!! NOM NOM NOM


Wow, I’m glad it helped! Thanks for the kind words!