BT / EE LimeSDR hackathon


Recent announcement that may be of interest to some folks:


Nice to know that my major interest for LimeSDR use is on first scenario place :smiley:

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Thanks for the heads up @andrewback … I’m always a sucker for a competition! … Actually, that’s not quite fair as the ‘prizes’ look pretty good:

Facebook and BT have announced plans to open a UK hub for developing next-generation telecoms technology, part of the social media giant’s efforts to expand global internet access.

The “ecosystem acceleration centres” will host start-ups backed by a $170m (£135m) London investment fund announced by Facebook’s Telecom Infra Project (TIP).

This might just create the ‘nudge’ that I need to do some more work on my LimeSDR based project although I get the horrible feeling that I am up against calibration issues or else my LimeSDR is just not fully functional. I guess I should have a look at the calibration in more detail. Am I correct in thinking that there are recent software / firmware updates that might help?

Hi @TegwynTwmfatt, yes, I’d recommend building Lime Suite from git master branch for now and then once you are using this, delete your calibration cache and run cal again.

Thanks @andrewback … I guess that’s best done on Ubuntu rather than Windows 10? (I have both). I’m not expert in building Ubuntu software interconnections so are there some instructions somewhere? … Thanks!


Although if you are not in a desperate rush, there should be new packages soon.

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:smile: Definitely not in a rush! Thanks!