Broken my usb connector on the limesdr

Hey, i broke the usb connector on my limesdr, the solder pads got off the board, can anyone give me hints if this can be salvageable and where do i need to scrape to get the conductors back?

Print out the board layout & bring it to a professional shop.
I have been soldering since the 70s & I almost ruined mine trying.


Board layout? for what? they wont print another pcb and transfer all the components, i guess. I mean, that would take a lot of time and surely be really costly.

It wouldn’t take much effort to bodge something together with hot glue to hold the wires together :slight_smile: though my skills with SMD are nil to none

I had a cord soldered on. Printing the board layout will help them determine the best places to solder. If you use just a touch too much heat, the copper traces will delaminate. Trust me on this. At the time, I was Foreman of electrics at an automation shop with 3 other very good solderers.
We all failed. Brought it to our board shop in the morning & had it back at lunchtime. Lady that did it said it was a breeze for her. Then she smiled and said she had only been doing it for 23 years as a job.

My USB3 wires ended up getting soldered right at the FX3 chip. Look at it & see if you really think you can do that. The other traces were just too thin to solder to.