BPSK modulation with LimeSDR and GNU Radio


I am working on a project to transmit and receive data using LimeSDR and GNU Radio. I am aiming to transmit jpg and csv files modulated with BPSK modulation scheme. On the receiving end, I’m expecting to do some form of noise filtering and demodulation as this is a communication system that is going to be implemented on a High Altitude Balloon.

I have read up on a couple of related projects but could not understand the gist of handling BPSK modulation and demodulation. I am a newbie in the RF field and would appreciate if anyone could advise how to handle BPSK modulation and demodulation and also the difference in constellation (rect) objects blocks, PSK modulation blocks.

Thank you in advance.

If you don’t get any suggestions here, may be best to post to the GNU Radio list, since this is not specific to LimeSDR and would presumably apply to any such system using GR.

This is a very generic question. One of the first results if you search the web is

I think you found this already. However, the example is missing among others an Forward Error Correction Coding to handle (minor) transmission errors and so on. This is certainly a part to investigate. An interesting demodulation issue could be to consider the difference between differential D(B)PSK and actual BPSK decoding.

Other topics regarding for example multipath propagation and clock recovery for a very basic transmitter and receiver built with GNU Radio can be found in the following tutorial

but much more information might be out there.

If you have a particular question, maybe someone can help you further.