Board overheated and no longer recognised

Hello Andrew
In lack of another adress, I send this to you.
I was fighting with the software for lime-sdr on my laptop-screen ,and did not notice the fan on my lime-sdr stopped running.Overtemp and shutdown.
The board is not recognized by the laptop anymore.
I need an adress to send the broken lime-sdr to for repair.
thank you.
Helmut DL2ECL

Hi Helmut,

I’m afraid that we don’t offer a repair service. Does the board not show up at all if you do an “lsusb”?

Hi Andrew
There is a USB-Device called WestBridge…with use of external power…via USB there is nothing at all.
Left od the USB-plug there is green led,then one red one and blinking green to the far left.It takes about 8 volts external supply. Less voltage lets leds and Westbridge disappear.