Blocks: SoapyLimeSDR_Source vs LimeSuiteSource(RX)

My setup:
System: Ubuntu 22_10(kinetic) with all updates
Python: python3/kinetic,now 3.10.6-1 amd64
Driver: gr-limesdr (build from source)
LimeSuite: limeSuite (build from source)
GnuRadio: gnuradio (build from source)
Radio: LimeSdrMini 2.0

there is a problem with the LimeSuiteSource(RX) Block,
it produce no streaming data.
If I switch to the SoapyLimeSDRSource Block all works fine.

After some analysing, I have seen that in the module ConnectionFT601.cpp
the function WaitForReading always falls into timeout after 1 Sec.
This is, because the libusb_fill_bulk_transfer produce no data.

With the SoapyLimeSDRSource Block the function WaitForReading
terminates correct because the callback has reportet a LIBUSB_TRANSFER_COMPLETED.

Has anybody an idea what goes wrong and where I must search for the problem?


It’s quite possible that gr-limesdr needs updating for Mini v2 hardware. Updating the GR blocks is on our to-do list and hopefully this will happen in the not too distant future. Until then I would suggest using Soapy.