Blocks: SoapyLimeSDR_Source vs LimeSuiteSource(RX)

My setup:
System: Ubuntu 22_10(kinetic) with all updates
Python: python3/kinetic,now 3.10.6-1 amd64
Driver: gr-limesdr (build from source)
LimeSuite: limeSuite (build from source)
GnuRadio: gnuradio (build from source)
Radio: LimeSdrMini 2.0

there is a problem with the LimeSuiteSource(RX) Block,
it produce no streaming data.
If I switch to the SoapyLimeSDRSource Block all works fine.

After some analysing, I have seen that in the module ConnectionFT601.cpp
the function WaitForReading always falls into timeout after 1 Sec.
This is, because the libusb_fill_bulk_transfer produce no data.

With the SoapyLimeSDRSource Block the function WaitForReading
terminates correct because the callback has reportet a LIBUSB_TRANSFER_COMPLETED.

Has anybody an idea what goes wrong and where I must search for the problem?


It’s quite possible that gr-limesdr needs updating for Mini v2 hardware. Updating the GR blocks is on our to-do list and hopefully this will happen in the not too distant future. Until then I would suggest using Soapy.

Hello Andrew,

for my LimeSdrMini 2.0
I’m waiting for the fully functionality of the gr-limesdr Stack.
What do you mean with “not too distant future”?
Is it days, weeks, month or years?
Your last post about that is 30 days ago…
Has the GnuRadio support on Lime/MyriadRf a low priority?