Big spike with Lime mini and Consol V3

Hi all, my first post here and must admit to being a complete novice with Lime so please bare with me…

Just got my Lime Mini and managed to get it running on Radio Consol V3, however Im getting a huge spike in the center of the FFT. Picture attached, it gets worse with increased frequency, not too bad below 500 MHz but above say 2 GHz its massive. Also if the received frequency is in the center of the FFT, even at FM broadcast frequencies I get real bad audio distortion, if I offset away from the center its fine, to be expected I guess.

I am not sure if I have a faulty Lime mini or the Console is not set up properly, Im using the latest version and did a reset to start from scratch, tried adjusting all the gain settings. Works OK with my SDRPlay 2 and various SDR-RTLs.

Would appreciate any ideas as to what I may be doing wrong (or maybe I have a faulty Lime mini)

I have looked into the Lime suite but looks far too complicated to me, way out of my depth there so have not atempted to change anything. I was hoping it would be a plug and play experience.

That’s a DC spike, always use offset and you’ll be good, SDRAngel has a very effective DC spike eliminator in it.

Thanks M0GLO, I will give SDR Angel a go. I like Console V3 because its so user friendly and easy on the eye.

The spike I have in the pic attached, would that be considered normal for a Lime ? Seems excessive to me.

My SDR Play 2 has a slight spike (inverted, more of a trough) but Lime is easily 10 x that at higher frequencies…

In the receiver options there are some DC offset settings but they dont seem to do much.