Bias Tee support on LimeSDR Mini?

Hey, I just received my LimeSDR Mini, and I wanted to connect my LNA and FM filters and they require to be powered up via a bias tee, but I’m not sure whether LimeSDR Mini supports it.

Can’t find anything for the Mini, any help?

As far as I am aware, the LimeSDR does not include bias T support.

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Yeah, I ran a few tests, and it seems no bias tee. Will have to build one, sigh.

If you use SDR console V3, than there is a bias tee you can switch on, but it is only 4,5 volts or so.
At ebay you can find bias tee with 2x sma ports for maybe 10 euros.

Doesn’t matter what software you use, it won’t add a bias T to the LimeSDR hardware.

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