Arduino with LimeSDR

Hi folks,

I am working on a project where I need to control LimeSDR using Arduino instead of PC support. But as a beginner, I am having some difficulties how to start and where…

I have foundational understanding on Arduino and completed few projects with that. Did few experiments with LimeSDR in gnuradio and pothos (i.e FM/AM modulation, ADSB, POCSAG, LoRa etc)

When it comes to direct communication in hardware level. I need some directions. has anyone established the SPI communication between Arduino & LimeSDR to receive and transmit radio signals?

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Hi Andrew,

thanks for the links…I found the Arduino SPI implementation thread very informative.

however, I can see there are few register settings for Lime read and write.

i.e. Writes 0xA55A to 0x002C register
LMS7002M_WR(0x002C, 0xA55A)

I’m using LimeSDR Mini. would you mind to help me how can I find all these registers list for LimeSDR mini and learn how to use them during implementation.

Highly appreciate your support :slight_smile:

All LimeSDR versions use the LMS7002M RFIC and you can find details of this here:

For more extensive information on usage, see:

It’s quite a complex device and much of this complexity is usually abstracted away by using Lime Suite to drive it.

There is also a C driver, but I’m not familiar with this and couldn’t say whether that would be any more suitable for embedded use:

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Thanks so much Andrew…:+1:
I’ll go through the datasheet and start experiment with lime. I’ll come back with my queries if any :slight_smile: