Anyone working on a better GnuRadio driver?

I have tried some simple examples with GnuRadio and the LimeSDR, and it seems to me the existing driver is less than idea. It seems very prone to overflows, even at data rates I would expect would be well within the USB throughput. It doesn’t provide as much control over the device as it seems it should, and I just don’t seem to be able to get it working at a usable level. Perhaps this is just due to my using USB2.0, but unless the wire protocol is absolutely horrid I would expect that to be able to host at least 5Msample/sec and it seems to overflow at 100kSample/sec.

Is anybody working on a GnuRadio block that goes directly to the LimeSDR suite rather than through some other layer? Or can anybody suggest something I may be doing wrong?

If I saw overflows I would remove all USB devices from my computer and plug my SDR into a dedicated USB 2.0 HighSpeed port. If I’m still having issues I would try a different port and if that is bad a different one and so on until I have tried them all.

Sometimes, especially laptops, USB ports have hidden internal hubs sharing things like keyboards/mice/webcams/fingerprint-readers/NIC’s/… or even extra external USB ports hanging off them to add a few euros/dollars/pounds to the profit margin and still allow marketing to claim that it had 4 to 10 USB ports.

If you are getting overflows it generally means that you have a throughput issue or a CPU processing issue, not a software problem.

Yes, this is quite possible and I would suggest testing again with USB 3.0.

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