Anybody reselling its LMS8001 Companion Board?

Hi All,

Does anybody resell its LMS8001 companion board? I would really need one for a living project for both RX and TX on the 5.8GHz ISM band, but sadly it looks no more available on crowssupply.

Maybe do you know any strong alternative to both RX and TX on 5.8GHz? I need stability over the band (for measurement).


i paid for one and still waiting … are these board already out to the public??

There are still some remaining to ship. Given the smaller number made they are being put through manual testing.

At this point a date has not been fixed for the next production run, hence why it was removed from the Crowd Supply website.

i paid for the companion board and for the gpio board (i have a project in my head needing this parts to add to the lime) … so seems as i will have to wait

Up. If anybody doesn’t need his LMS8001, I’m still looking for one.