Any interest or work in porting LimeSuite to Qt?

Not interested in whether or not one is better than the other . i.e. wx vs qt Just wondering if anyone cares to see a LimeSuite in Qt and/or if anyone has tried porting.

Gnuradio uses Qt and gqrx does too. Some others using Qt are inspectrum and PebbleSDR(not released). So there is some momentum toward Qt.

Not sure if this has been discussed before, but worth pinging @joshblum just in case.

I personally like Qt. I find it to be a consistent and well thought out library. I like their memory management model, and I like that it comes with a swiss-army knife worth of library utilities. C++ doesn’t come with a lot (even with C++11), thats why you end up using something like boost or Poco. But Qt gives you this too with cross platform file management, path manipulation, streams, serialization, json, threading, processing management, urls, networking, etc…

I think Qt may do a better job giving you a consistent application look across platforms. On the other hand wx seems to work out just fine. CubicSDR uses wx, and gnuradio comes with wxpython plotters and widgets. So its definitely a lot of tedious work to move the limesuite gui over to a new graphics library. I would vote for Qt for a new development, but I don’t see it being worth the effort to switch over.

That makes sense. I agree that it would be good for new development. The current LimeSuite looks to have evolved over time to meet the needs. Which is perfectly fine. But it makes it harder to port. Compare it to a bitcoin client or something like that, that has some simpler purposes and is designed at the start with specific needs, and makes it easier to port. Well none of it is easy but in a relative sense.