Any FTDII 601Q is recognized as "Ltd Myriad-RF LimeSDR-Mini"

Hi there,
i am on Kubuntu 21.04 were i noticed that suddenly any generic FTDI601Q is listed as:
Bus 001 Device 039: ID 0403:601f Future Technology Devices International, Ltd Myriad-RF LimeSDR-Mini
does someone know where is the right place to complain about this?

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0x0403 (the USB Vendor ID) is owned by “Future Technology Devices International”
A quick lookup at confirms that “Future Technology Devices International Limited” was officially allocated the unique “1027” (which in hexadecimal is 0x0403). This allocated them a full block of 65536 unique ProductID’s that they can allocate to anyone they choose.

0x601f (the USB Product ID) after a quick search is actually the default product ID for ALL unconfigured FT601 devices (see page 76), that should have been changed before the LimeSDR-Mini product went on sale.

A globally unique block of up to 8 PID’s should have been requested (for free) from Future Technology Devices International by Lime Microsystems following the procedure described in or in

A temporary local workaround would be to just delete the line from your file (carefully edit /usr/share/hwdata/usb.ids as root, might alsobe /usr/share/misc/usb.ids ) or modify the entry to be anything you want.
The latest file is typically downloaded from “”, but when installed as a package can take several months to receive a current update.

I have contacted linux-usb and request that they change from
0403:601f “Myriad-RF LimeSDR-Mini”
to be
0403:601f “Default FT601 USB device”

And request the addition a new Product ID entry for:
0403:601e “Default FT600 USB device”

This is something that Future Technology Devices International should have done before they started to sell the FT600 and FT601 chips.

If you want someone to complain to for getting it added to usb.ids - that was me, I had ASSumed that Lime Microsystems had crossed all their T’s and dotted their I’s by requesting a block of globally unique Product ID’s from FTDI. So without double checking I just requested that it be added to usb.ids about a year and a half ago, it can take a very long before before arriving into package updates. Sometimes it is only included as an update in a newer distribution.

I just wanted to make sure this is submitted to the right place. :slight_smile: i maybe have worded it a bit harsh no harm meant.
Thanks a lot for clarifying and taking care of the issue.

I also submitted a new issue for LimeSuite on github.

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Thanks, will look into this.

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