Any API for communication with LMS7002 from C# or Andorid

Is there any API available for communication of LMS 7002 with C# or android ?

sdrsharp-limesdr plugin use c# language development
I have released the source code


How to use this in visual studio 2013. how to use Lime Suite APIs in it?

@jocover well done on the sdr plugin, it seems to work with SDR#v1577.

Thank you so much @jocover for your help and for your work. I very much appreciate your work. Kindly mention procedure to use this plugin. I am using .NetFrame work 4.6 visual studio 2015 and some warning symbol is appearing on SDRSharp.Radio and SDRSharp.common .dll.

Thank you for your work. Everything seems ok with the plugin, except that dde tracker plugins does not sets the actual frequency that shown correctly on the plugins gui, so I assume it gets the informations from dde, just not sets them… Also ddetracker plugin works flawlessly with an rtlsdr stick.