Antenna Listings Go Missing From gqrx

I’ve had this problem multiple times both on Windows and on Ubuntu. I will run gqrx with no problem. Suddenly I open it again and then antennas are no longer listed. I take a look at the config file and they are gone. Of course without the antenna selection gqrx doesn’t work at all. I’d put them back in the config file but I don’t remember them.

What/where are the default limesdr USB antenna definitions? Why do they keep disappearing on me?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The list with antennas is not stored in the gqrx configuration file. It is read from the backend (gr-osmosdr / soapysdr / liblimesuite) every time you start the application. If the list is suddenly empty it is most likely because initialization of the hardware failed.

Start gqrx from a terminal and look for error messages.

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My bad. The power supply on my USB 3 hub was flaky. It is supposed to put out 12+ watts. It was barely putting out 3.5. I put a watt meter on it, changed the power supply to one that is now drawing 6.5 with the lime running. That seems much more reasonable. A lot of software frustration for a hardware issue (along with some wetware I guess).